Thou hast it now

Saturday night was very good to me. I went in wanting to follow three characters and ideally to get 1:1s with each, and I got to follow all three of them and was very luckily chosen for their 1:1s!

The last thing I did was get squeezed by the Porter and walked out by the Boy Witch. The second-to-last thing I did was follow Catherine Campbell from the second ball onward. The third-to-last thing I did was follow the Speakeasy Bartender*. The fourth-to-last thing I did was follow Banquo for a loop-and-a-half from the start of the show. The first thing I did was get let off on the bottom floor, without which none of this would have worked at all, because my mildly-inebriated self needed all the time it could get to work out that the bald witch wasn’t bald, and therefore which be-suited gentleman Banquo was. Speaking of Banquo, I GET IT NOW. 


*Does anyone know who was playing Speakeasy Bartender, Saturday at the 7:00 show? My companions and I cannot quite nail it down…

Spoilers, sweetie…

Just watching Banquo’s loop was fantastic. I feel like he’s the most fleshed-out character who is true to his play-self I’ve followed - granted, I haven’t followed all of the Macbeth characters through their whole loops, but from what I’ve seen so far, he struck me as being ever so faithful to the original characterization, and the additional perspectives one gets of him makes him out to be MORE of that character (compared to, say, Lady MacDuff, who is a much much crazier version of herself). I was lucky and got his 1:1. That 1:1 was my favorite thing that I have ever experienced in the show, hands down. The other 1:1s I have gotten, they pull you into the show and involve you in the story and all, but this one makes you a character in Macbeth? I was this close to bursting into tears (and I think I would have, but I had to pee SO BADLY, you guys. So badly. But not as badly as I wanted that 1:1). Trying to type it out makes it seem more trivial than it was, but having the future of your country put into your hands by your dead father? Who stands over you crying? Because he’s dead but he wants to make sure everything turns out OK? Even just that moment when he says “Fleance” — chills! I can’t. Even. I don’t know if I would even want to get it again, because I know that now whenever I read Macbeth, Banquo will look and sound like the Banquo I followed. 

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